Breakfast Nook Design 3


This is my inspiration board for our breakfast nook–I have been sourcing this stuff for a couple of months now and as of today, this is what we hope to create.  Who knows what it will all end up looking like, but this is definitely the direction we are going.  Staying true to the comfortable elegance, easy living style we love, I think these elements will come together to achieve just that.  I wanted to bring in the softer wood tones into the breakfast nook as it shares the same space with the kitchen.  It will allow all the gold and dark bold cabinets to be toned down with the softer hues of natural wood, leafy greens and white slipcovered end chairs.  I hope to have more pictures of our real house next week!

Here is the floor plan to give you a better idea of where the kitchen and breakfast nook and living space are all connected:

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 3.11.04 PM


1.  World Market’s Large Wood Bead Chandelier. Seriously, dying over this.  I love the look of beaded chandeliers but usually the are outrageous when it comes to price.  Gorgeous but ridiculous.  So when I stumbled upon this one at World Market for $215.99 I was sold!  I’m not sure if it’ll still be on sale when we buy it but even without the sale it’s a steal of a price!

2.  Our floors will be a darker grey and our cabinets will be darker too, so I wanted to lighten it up a little bit on the rug.  This Tile Wool Kilium Rug from West Elm is perfect!

3.  We need a little gold in the breakfast area since it’s directly across from the kitchen, so I thought I’d bring it in with some whimsy :)  Love this “Hey Ya’ll!” print from Stephanie Creekmur on Etsy.  So perfect for us newcomers here in Dallas!

4.  This Riviera Armchair is the beautiful little sister of the bar stools we chose for the kitchen and I am dreaming of one day having her in our breakfast nook!  LOVE! There is also a version without arms that I love as well.  Serena & Lily did an amazing job capturing the simplicity and beauty of the European Bistro chair while keeping it fresh and modern with the black and white pattern.  It’s rattan frame and woven plastic are pretty much ideal for boys who spill and make messes at the dinner table :)

5.  The Parson’s Slipcovered Armchair from Ballard Designs is a bold move considering the aforementioned reality of messy boys, BUT it’s just a must.  A MUST.  So pretty, so crisp and airy–seriously, I know it’s not very practical, but if there are only two and those two are just for mommy and daddy, don’t you think we could get away it?!  HA!  Plus, they are slipcovered so if it all blows up in my face, I’ll order some more covers:)

6.  Oh, my dining room table.  It’s the Abbot Zinc Top Rectangular Fixed Dining Table from Pottery Barn and how I adore thee.  Last year in Connecticut we were out shopping and stumbled into Pottery Barn and lo and behold they were having a floor sale blowout!  Most every other day in my life this means nothing but a deeper burning of lust for new beautiful things I can’t have BUT my dream table just happened to be on KILLER sale–like, it was so killer Tyler couldn’t even deny it.  And after both of recited our vows to make this our birthday and anniversary and Christmas presents, we bought it!  You might think it’s a weird choice, but it is beautiful.  I love the look–the mix of the solid eucalyptus wood base and the zinc top is so refined rustic!  And one of the best parts about it is, zinc is like indestructible when it comes to food and markers and the like!

7.  Fig Leaf Trees.  I hope to have one of these beauties in my breakfast nooks to bring some fresh color into the space.  Don’t you think it’s beautiful?

8. That picture up on the top (which I now realize I forgot to number) is a nice shot for my inspiration.  This is from Georgiana Designs tumblr and the designer is Threshold Interior’s in Massachusetts.  A gorgeous example of causual elegance to be sure!  No, we will not have the lovely bench seating that goes up the wall but you get the idea :)