Kitchen Design 2

Good morning! At any given moment of the day there are almost endless amounts of ideas, dreams, ideas, plans and worries swirling about in my brain about our house and the finish work that is underway right now.  And to regain some of my sanity and well, share some of these fun things with you, I figured I’d better get them all out on “paper”.  So here is a little inspiration board of what is to come in our kitchen.  I hope to have more of these boards for our breakfast nook and family room, and maybe even the boy’s room, but for now this is what I have.  Paint is almost finished and tile is starting to be laid, and I am stalking my own house as I drive by it almost every day!  Those subcontractors must think I’m crazy…

If any of you follow my on Pintrest you know I have a problem:  I love pretty pictures of pretty things.  I think I’ve mentioned it before (I know some of you do too, I see your pins!)  But since we have started building a house, my obsession has only intensified.  BUT this is not without purpose–oh no, it has great value as I have been able to compile loads of images and ideas on how to design and finish our house. (See! Pintrest isn’t only a life sucker or marketing tool, there can be some merit to it…).  The best part about all of those images is that I definitely know what I want.  I know what I like and don’t like, and I know what is current and trending and for the most part, I know what I want to do with those trends.  The most difficult issue in decorating or designing a house is being able to understand what you like and don’t like and then being able to put it all together.  For some reason I really enjoy doing it.  In fact, when I had my Design Center meeting scheduled to choose all of our house finishes, they usually have 2 separate meetings at 4 hours each.  I made all of my selections in just under 2 hours.  All of them.  BAM.  My mother-in-law used to call me picky and I would quickly say, “I”m not picky, I just know what I like.”  :)  He hehe he.  I’d say that’s a gift.

I have always loved a beautiful, classic white kitchen.  Ahh, aren’t those pictures just dreamy?  White inlaid cabinets to the ceiling, beautiful molding, stunning Calcutta marble as far as the eye can see, a white farm sink…yes, unbelievably beautiful.  BUT my eye has been equally drawn to the kitchens with grey cabinets.  I loved how it stood out from the other kitchens, and I loved the drama of it.  So as it came down to my Design Center meeting, I had to stop see-sawing in my mind–white? grey? white and grey? maybe blue?–yes, I even thought about a deep navy blue (wouldn’t that be awesome?!)–and make a decision.  Then I realized that this could be my one and only chance to actually pick out the finishes in a house and I didn’t want to go safe.  Let’s do it:  grey!  And not just a soft grey, but dark!  Dark, dramatic, and beautiful!

Knowing the cabinets would be dark and the molding in our house will be the dark grey as well, I knew that all of my other choices needed to be bright, open and airy.  I knew I had to go white on the counters, white on the backsplash and the furniture and fixtures need to complement that airiness as well.  And the walls will be a very light, light (almost white) grey, keeping it bright.  There is no need for this place to feel like a cave so my other choices helped to ensure this.

My next bold move was:  gold.  Now, hold on, I know what you just said because that’s what my husband said…yes, gold.  Hang with me.  It’s coming back, people.  It’s been showing up in decor and furniture for the last couple of years and now it has made its way into fixtures and hardware–and I am drooling at every image and article I read.  Seriously, if done well it can be amazing! Brass is back and worth our attention!  You cannot deny, that image of the dark grey cabinet above is absolutely stunning with that brass pull on it–don’t pretend!  You probably didn’t even realize that the pulls were gold and just thought it was pretty!  BUT I also know that trends are tricky–especially when you are reading trendy blogs and magazines. Just because someone does it in their loft in New York doesn’t mean it’s going to translate into my house in suburbia heaven in Lantana, Texas.  So I wrote into a couple of blogs, started to ask around and no one seemed to be able to gage if this is a trend to stay…can’t anyone tell the future in the blogosphere?!  Please!  Alas, the decision was all on me, and after texting with a friend, I realized that I should just go for it.  If I like it, I should do it!  BAM.  Antiqued brass will be making a grand appearance in my kitchen!

My hope is our house is a home we can be proud of.  My hope is that our house exudes our personality.  My hope is to have just enough sophistication and drama mixed with the comfortability of family living and style.  And I hope it all works out :) Let me know what you think!

Images Above:

1.  A shot of our kitchen before painting began.  The cabinets are full overlay in the shaker style.

2. Lew’s Hardware Bar style pull in Antique Brass.  Can.  Not.  Wait.  I received one in the mail this week and it’s exactly what I has hoping for.  A bit modern, but the shape is timeless.

3.  Pure White Quartz for all of the countertops.  No marble here.  Totally impractical and expensive.  Quartz is amazingly durable and really sleek.  I think the contrast of the dark dark grey cabinets and the white counters will be stunning.

4.  A beveled subway tile and a light grey grout for the backsplash.  I am particularly excited about the grout color.  It’s going to be subtle enough that it would take away from the crisp white of the tile but add a gorgeous definition to make the tile pop!

5. Oh, man, I have been stalking these Eldridge Pendant Lanterns by Ballard Designs for months.  It’s in an antique brass to play off the brass pulls on the cabinet doors.  I wanted something really airy to keep the sight-line open to the rest of the kitchen and the breakfast area directly across from the island.  I also wanted to make sure it would not darken the room.  There will be two above the island.

6. These are our floors!!! So pumped about these!  Though they won’t be in a chevron pattern, they still will be amazing!

7. And finally, the bar stools.  The Riviera Counter Stool by Serena & Lily. Another item I’ve been cyber-stalking and lusting over for months–actually, I’m pretty sure it’s been a year now.  Bright and fun, and I feel as though it will bring in a nice relaxed atmosphere among the dramatic grey. Plus, you have to admit, they are amazing.

8. This is as close as I could find to match the color of our cabinets and this kitchen has brass too!  And if you look at the bottom of the image, they even have similar floors!  Dying!!