When we moved to Dallas Tyler and I knew that our life be crazy busy. Living smack dab in the middle of suburbia heaven bursting with young families and kids, schools and sporting events, church and church events, friends and work functions–I know, I know. It’s totally normal for the majority of America. I am not naive to how this world works, but all I am saying, is I used to have not a thought in my brain, and now our calendar is so overloaded I spent almost all of Sunday pumping myself for the week at hand!

Cleaning up the backyard patio.  Yes, walker is wearing his shirt as a turban.

Cleaning up the backyard patio. Yes, walker is wearing his shirt as a turban.

And now we are dabbling in our first Texas sports season.  The first of many to come, this to be sure but the first is always the trickiest.  You never quite know what you’re going to get as the “new kids on the block”…we signed the big boys up for baseball when we first moved in. I found a league in the neighboring town of Highland Village (Lantana doesn’t have one yet) and the boys got a spot on a 6 and under team. The league is set to start in the middle of March. But who needs march when you can start now?!  That’s right, we had our first “unofficial” practice last Friday night (shhh, don’t tell the NCAA we might be found ineligible). We are flying under the radar as we get our 1st graders and Kindergarteners out on the field for some intense workouts, complete with full-out warm ups–nothing like watching a 5 year old trying to the “grapevine” up and down the field.  Matching practice pants, shirts, belts (I didn’t realize we needed belts), batting gloves, waterbottles, bags–the whole shebang. Games on Saturdays.  And on Sundays, we are invited to come in for an optional practice to work on whatever we need, like switch hitting…

Anyone? Yes. Okay. What we see in the movies is real, people. Texas loves them some sports. But you know what? So does the Ross family :)


My parents and my precious niece, Karli are coming to town tomorrow! We cannot wait! For Bradley’s birthday we got him a night at The Great Wolf Lodge and he is taking his brother and cousin Karli too. Such a huge blessing to be able to share this with her!! It’s strange we still live so far away. It doesn’t really hit us until they get here and I realize how much we miss our family.  But so blessed they can come and visit…

What else…Oh yeah…well, remember when I shared about laying down my own dreams and prayers for this year asking the Lord to reveal His will? Well, as He always so faithfully and graciously does, He did and He asked me to apply for a Masters of Biblical Studies at The Dallas Theological Seminary.  Yes, you read it right :) YES! Crazy-town!

I have to file this under, “A Dream That I Once Had But Put Away Because I Got Married and Had Kids”. Seriously. Anyone else have one of these files?  When I was younger I remember marveling that people could go to college and learn just about the Bible. What a concept! Though, it didn’t go much further than that, especially since I graduated from undergrad, got married and immediately had kids!  But if you know anything about me, you know how much I LOVE the Word of God. LOVE IT. And given the opportunity to study it in a structured setting and get amazing tools and insight all the while earning a Masters, I had to say “yes!” It took me a couple of days to finish the application–all the while terribly nervous about the practical implications of actually going back to school: ummm, I’m a mom! And of course the money…But I could just hear the Lord quietly remind me that I can do this with Him. That if He is the one bringing this to me, He will be the one who gets me through it!

Of course He is.

This is a 2 year program, completed almost entirely online. And today I was officially accepted!  I start Aug 25…


It’s kind of weird to type all of this out because I never thought this would be possible…how different my life is shaping up to be than what I had expected.  Praise the Lord for His perfect timing and will and not my own!

Thank you, Lord!