So, today Tyler told his boss he is leaving the company.  That he has taken a position with another commercial contractor.  In Dallas, Texas…

When we arrived in CT I had a feeling that our life would really “start” once we moved again. Out here, in our little incubator of deciduous woods and small town little league we have been given a life that is void of distractions and buffers. A life that hardly has a responsibility beyond caring for our children and Tyler holding a job. We have lazy mornings & evenings, and even lazier weekends. No friends or family or even a church family to take up time in our days but we knew that’s where the Lord has wanted us while we were here.

We knew we would not be gazing upon a quite acre of land for long. We knew that the rubber would finally hit the road and life would start. But we had no idea it would look like this. His plans were so far beyond what we could have ever expected, we have been in constant thankfulness for what He has done in our family.  And just as we think our relinquishing of control has hit it’s pinnacle out in The Woods, God asks of us again:  a year isn’t enough, move to Texas.  Why Texas?? The Lord is not done with us.  A year’s time away from Portland is not the end of His plan for our family.

In May we knew were supposed to go but as summer came and went, the easy, well lit path we thought we’d take to Texas became nearly invisible.  It was like walking through dense fog at dusk– we couldn’t tell what the heck we were doing–the only thing we could do was look up and ask for more faith.  Just one example:  we booked a trip to Dallas to look for houses in October with Tyler’s company’s blessing and we found out the day after we booked it that they weren’t going to send Tyler to Texas.  What?!!  So, Lord, your telling us you want Tyler to quit his job and find a new one in Dallas?  Yes.  Oh my goodness.  Here we go!

We have known since May that we would be moving but it hasn’t been until these last 8 weeks that we have been given a glimpse of why.  I cannot even tell or recall all of the countless prayers and cries to the Lord for help and reprieve and vision and change that we have prayed that have been answered in one little Yes to moving to Texas.  By the grace of God we heard and listened.  And we began to choose to abandon all of our tightly held visions of what we wanted our lives to be and trust in God’s plan for us.  God’s plan.  Not mine.  Not Tyler’s.  God’s.

You’ll find that when big changes happen in your life, God will give you a small window into the process by which He used to change our heart’s desire for things.  That you will have the ability to look back and see how God molded into what He wanted, rather than what you thought you wanted. Texas was not what I had planned for our family.  I had a picture of what house, city, schools, gyms, friends, family–everything was supposed to look like.  It was perfectly packaged with a nice red satin bow waiting for me when the Lord brought us back to Portland.  HA!  Tell me you don’t have your own package waiting somewhere for you?  Well, God had other plans–big plans.  Better plans.  So much better. And lovingly brought me along to be ready for it.


Delight yourself in the LORD, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4

Tyler and I put this on our wedding invitation.  I had it engraved on his wedding ring.  It was an amazing thing to know God had prepared us for each other.  That no matter what we did in the meantime, He had preordained us to find each other.  So obvious was this, Psalm 37:4 was the verse we knew to be ours.  Well, at this point in our 7 years of marriage, God is still using that Psalm to show us that He loves us and that no matter what we think is the best for us, HIS desires are what we want.  AMEN.  Amen.

The Lord who is mighty to save and mighty to shed grace, pre-planned a Year of Training for a wife and a husband who lost the will to find joy in their children and each other. Before we were even born, He laid out every detail in order to restore and prepare a family for a life in Texas and living it for Him.  It is amazing to know this!  A-MAZING!  Christ who created all things loves us. He loves us! A profound truth we have been greatly privileged to see in a deeper way here in The Woods.

So why Texas?  Because it is us letting go.  Because it is the tangible evidence that God’s plan is greater than our plan.  And because when it all comes down to it, you either choose to live as He has called you or you can do it on your own.  This move is only the beginning of what The Lord has in store for us to further His kingdom and live a life surrendered to Him.  We are so utterly excited to get down there and see what is in store!  We leave December 2nd…

So blessed.  So blessed.

Dani :)