Oh man, it’s cold again.  Cold.  This big old house has plenty of square footage but no insulation.  As it’s dropping down below zero at night we are waking up to 61 degrees inside and wearing crazy warm layers to keep from shivering.  Some people see great romance in the dramatic changing of seasons out here but this Ross family is finding it all a bit much to handle–my skin finds no humor in it either. Last weekend Cody played in his last soccer game of the season.  The wind chill was so cold this is what Cody wore while playing:


New England does not mess around with it’s weather, people.

Oh but it has been so fun to watch him play–and allow me a tiny moment of proud mama bragging, he is good!  Seriously, he’s got some athlete in him :) …Cody is just blossoming into a full blown kid right before our eyes.  He’s in Kindergarten.  He turned 6 a couple weeks ago.  His preschool body has changed into a big kid that looks like a 2nd grader.  Cody is changing and growing and becoming more and more independent as the days pass.  Such a amazing thing to witness. And though I’m not one for lamenting over my boy’s growing up, when he and his brother just up and decided to start riding their bikes without training wheels in the driveway Sunday, I about lost it.


I actually can remember learning how to ride my bike when I was little. A pretty pink bike with white walled tires and a flower banana seat I proudly sat on while my mom ran behind me.  I remember her letting me loose and I took of flying down the sidewalk so fast my she couldn’t keep up…such freedom…going anywhere I wanted; talking to the wind and the trees, singing & making up stories of adventure…there was nothing like it.  My best friend Whitney and I would spend hours down in our cul-de-sac playing who knows what on our bikes…it’s hard to believe Cody is there too.  He is starting on this new big kid season.  And B is right on his heels.  With Dub, well…Dub thinks he’s a big kid and we just let him think he is :)