Good morning! We had a blast on the Cape! It was a ton of work and full of Tyler and me wondering what were we thinking, but the kids had the time of their lives and we are so glad we made the trip.

The Cape is a beautiful, lush green island that is full of quaint Cape style markets, roadside eateries and homes. Though I was expecting Brewster itself to be a bit more walkable, but we stumbled upon our favorite restaurant with outdoor tables where we indulged in fish and chips, our first hot lobster roll and too much ice cream. This was the first time I have ever enjoyed fish and chips for the fish, not the fried outer layer :) We also found this amazing french bakery down the street from the resort. This place was a constant stream of people coming in and out of this tiny little Cape bungalow bring boxes and boxes of muffins and cinnamon rolls home to their families. We felt very “Cape Cod” there :)

Our French bakery.

Our French bakery.


The atmosphere is slow and easy going. Just as I pictured. And most of the homes are tucked away from the road in the greenery, secluded from the peering eyes of people like me. I was hoping for a better glance at them but I decided it wasn’t worth the run in with the police. Even though people live quite the carefree lifestyle out there, it is not without a price as you can imagine. Very expensive. And a crazy amount of traffic. There are only a few main roads that take you where you need to go and EVERYONE is going somewhere. In fact, on a bridge overpass on the main artery leaving the island was a big, hand written sign that perfectly warned: “You Can’t Escape the Cape!” The summer is definitely the high months on the Cape, and we learned early that we weren’t going to be doing much exploring on the island. We made it to the Cape Light near the tip of The Cape and it took us about 2 hours each way to make the 40 min drive. So fun with three bored, tired and hungry children in the back…



We did all we could to spend the littlest amount of time in our tiny one bedroom room. We had a kitchenette to cook our meals and a murphy bed in the “living room” for the big boys to sleep on, and Dub was tucked away by the door in his pack n play. We were partially underground, so it was real dark…we didn’t not have the glamorous stay at the co-called Mansion the resort touts. In fact we found out latter that no one stays in the actual mansion, they just want you to wine and dine there. BUT the Ocean Edge Resort was beautiful and quite dreamy. Listed as the best place to stay on The Cape with kids by Disney, it definitely lived up to the hype. Because most of the kid activities were for an older age group than ours, we staked our claim at the pool every morning and set up shop in the seasons worst heat wave. And let me tell you it was HOT. The humidity was so bad we were taking 3 showers a day just to keep up with the amount of sweat sticking to our bodies. When it came time to pack up our things, Tyler took out some shirts from the closet that he didn’t wear (we basically were in bathing suits all week–my kind of vacation if you ask me!) and they were damp–like more than damp, almost soaked. The humidity paired with the non-stop amount of in-window air conditioning in our room left the kids crackers wet and our bread moldy. AHHH!! It was crazy! I had to wash everything when we got home.




For any of you who have “vacationed” with at least a couple of your small children you know as well as we do, that a vacation is not about us, but about them :) And truly if you are willing to accept that early on, the more fun you will have. No expectations of alone time or even a relaxing moment before your head hits the pillow, and you’ll find yourself marveling at how much fun your kiddos are having and what wonderful memories they are making–just as we were. Cody and B basically taught themselves how to swim, were being tossed in the air at least 10 feet by their daddy, eating ice cream like it was going out of style and watching movies every night from their own beds. Seriously, they were in heaven. Tyler and I were exhausted and not too keen on going to bed at 7:00 pm every night due to our tight living quarters, but truly it was a trip to remember and we are so thankful we had this opportunity while we lived out here in New England. Because Lord knows, we’ll probably never make it back.