Movie night :)

They aren’t related at all..

It’s been slow and steady out here. School’s out and summer is here! But there’s not much to report other than more crazy New England weather. We’ve been having some lovely amounts of humidity–so much that it makes my lotion slide off my legs before I even rub it in. Yesterday I got this crazy loud alarm sounding from my phone (like the world was ending) and it proceeded to tell me that there is not only a flash flood warning in our county but also a tornado on its way. Whaat?! Now, we’ve gotten flash flood warnings before and thankfully we live in the hills so we know we are safe from that, but a tornado?! Really? Then the sky suddenly darkened and the next thing we knew were are in a thunder and lightening storm with my nose pressed against the glass looking for a funnel cloud and ready to hit the basement! Thankfully it all passed with just some rain. The lightening storm is no surprise either. It’s basically an everyday occurrence out here now that it’s summer–so much so, the big boys barely even notice when the lightening flashes and the thunder roars. When Tyler came home that evening he told me there really was a tornado that went through a town near ours but it was only a category 1. Oh good, only a category 1. That’s not scary at all…??!!!!


With the kind of weather we have experienced out here, we honestly marvel at the fact the pilgrims, early settlers, founding fathers all survived. I mean seriously–the ridiculously cold and snowy winters, flash flooding and terrible wind storms, thunder and lightening crazy enough to cause your hair stand on end and rush to the bathroom, and summer heat and humidity that makes you beg for the dry dessert–ahhh!!!

It’s all part of the experience :)


I’ve started to yearn for some roots. To find a town and call it home for good. We are more than half way through this Year of Training and it has gone by pretty quick. But the somewhat uncertain future on the horizon has left me a little anxious for what is next. If feels as though we are in limbo. We live our daily lives here in The Woods but for only 5 more months–how do you make friends, encourage your kiddos to make friends, be involved with school and sports and neighbors and church when you know you are leaving? There are good things that come with this reality but it’s become more and more apparent that because of this weird situation of not staying here forever we are longing for the connection with people and places you normally have when you are rooted down somewhere. None of these things are a surprise, but what is a surprise is the emotional toll it can take on you. It’ll all change and our time will come soon…I know. We’re in Training…


Tomorrow we are off to The Cape for the 4th of July! You cannot believe how excited I am for this trip. We booked this week for Brewster, MA back in late January knowing that we would just kick ourselves if we didn’t make it out to The Cape while living here. It’s such a dreamy place that us West Coasters hear about and think of the Kennedys and Martha’s Vineyard, seersucker and boat shoes, the warm shoreline and beautiful sprawling estates–I seriously feel like I was made to live there, don’t you think?? Well, maybe if we didn’t play in the woods in our underwear… ha!