Gift Card Picks!

Frist the preface:

1.  I am a J. Crew addict.  A confession that should not surprise you.  In fact the other day, I walked into a J. Crew store and the employees thought I was a Crew Associate…

2.  I live in The Woods.  I made every purchase online (save the blue linen dress) and everything but the sandals were on SALE and from J. Crew.  (Like crazy sale, seriously, it’s a good time to be a J. Crew lover!)

3. I have three young children.


As you may know, a month or so ago I won a contest put on by Style Me Pretty Living to create a Pintrest board tilted:  Spring Must Have Outfit.  Since I’m a regular on Pintrest I felt at home pinning some of my favorite items to create this board, and well–I won!  Crazy!!  So I got a $500 gift card to do some shopping!  And after many deliveries by UPS and FedEx, and many returns, I have finally ended up with 9 pieces that I am really excited about!

Your first reaction is probably:  boring!  But it’s not!  Promise!  It’s easy to make inspiration boards with your top 10 list for the season, complete with jewelry and bags and a variety of color and so on, but the reality is you already have a closet to coordinate with and you also have a life.  Yes, I decided against the long pleated flowy skirt because, well, let’s be real, when would I wear that thing?  Changing diapers or running to the park or perhaps cleaning the floors?  And I forgot the 4 inch wood wedges for the same reason.  Creating your own style isn’t just wrapped up in the current trends, but it’s also about finding the intersection of functionality and personal expression so you can build a wardrobe that is perfect for you!

I also chose pieces I knew would transition into fall and next year.  I really needed a simple white blouse and I had been lusting over this one since last year.  It came up on sale–bam–ordered it and now I have a classic silk blouse in my closet that will last the seasons.  The blue linen dress is perfect to have on hand for going to church or to dinner or even to a casual afternoon wedding.  It’s extremely flattering with a fabulous layer of organza lining to add some fullness in the skirt and I love that it’s a bold regal blue. The white peplum shirt is just adorable and I can wear that will all of my crazy printed pants!  Oh and speaking of pants, those thistle printed white jeans are amazing!  Love them!  (And they are on crazy sale right now!).

I had some anxiety in choosing almost everything from one store.  My favorite store to be sure, but was I making a mistake?  Shouldn’t I have some variety in my pieces? Well, after much deliberation I felt like it was not only the easiest way to do it (since I had to do it all online and I already know my size and the quality of the brand) but also, it’s just me.  I love the Crew and as long as I feel good in their clothes, I’m not going to stop shopping there!

1.  Ponte peplum top–J. Crew

2.  Collarless shirt in thistle print–J. Crew

3.  Cropped matchstick jean in thistle print–J. Crew

4.  3″ chino short–J. Crew

5.  Polka dot string top & bottom–J. Crew

6.  Blythe blouse in silk–J. Crew

7.  Linen cap-sleeve dress–J. Crew

8.  Joe’s ‘Kody’ Sandal–Nordstrom

9.  Vintage cotton tank in block stripe–J. Crew