Well, we finally did it.  We made it to the shore!  It’s been a goal of ours since we arrived and with the crazy heat wave we’ve been experiencing we thought now was the prefect chance.  Yesterday was our Saturday morning t-ball game with the big boys.  It was a cool 71 degrees at 7:00 am, and as I was dressing our children in thigh-high green woolen socks, thick polyester pants, a green jersey, Nike tennis shoes and a baseball cap I started to wonder if we’ll have our first bout of heat exhaustion in the car ride to the field.  71 degrees may not seem like much but the humidity out here is insane!  I walked out side the other morning and felt like I was transported to Puerto Rico.  Ever been?  That’s what it feels like.  Moist, hot, heavy heat pushing down upon your body.  No reprieve though the wind blows and the shade is just as hot.  Praise Jesus we have air conditioning, but with the hope to not blow our savings on our electric bill we are very conservative with the temperature and wearing the smallest amounts of clothing possible to stay comfortable.

So we make it to the field, sweating from the 50 yard walk from the car to the dugout.  It’s 10:00 am now and 82 degrees.  Let’s just say the team is a little less than enthusiastic at this point.  It’s almost impossible for the children to actually throw a ball and Cody was already asking to take his shirt off. But the game started and thus we started sweating.  Now people, I am a sweater.  I come from a long line of sweaters.  I’m not going to name names but a certain someone in my family may have wrapped me in multiple wool blankets as an infant in the summer months of August and I blame her for causing my sweat glands to be overactive :)  Anyway, Tyler, Dub and I are trying not to melt into the grass and the boys on the field aren’t even moving.  I mean, when the ball eventually gets hit by the other team, no one even walks to retrieve the ball.  It was hilarious.  These poor boys were laying on the ground or hunched over trying to survive.  After the first inning, I went to peel off Cody and B’s wools socks to help relieve some heat from their little bodies.  They may have looked ridiculous but I know the other kids were jealous.  We made it 3 innings in 1 hour and finally they called the game.  By then Dub was a walking grease ball of sunscreen and dirt.  He would involuntarily collect grass, small twigs and bugs on his legs and arms as he toddled around the field.  Thank goodness it was over, clothing was shed and we hopped into the air conditioned car to get home.

As we were driving back home Tyler and I were thinking about the rest of our day and how it would be impossible for us to go outside since the high was supposed to be 91 (!!!), we thought, “Why not go to the shore?!”.  No preparations or packing had been done beforehand–in fact if you understood just how out of our comfort zone this decision was for us, you would be clapping right now.  I mean, we plan. Or should I say, I plan.  I am organized, clean and tidy.  Deciding on the fly to drive an hour and a half to a beach with a 5, 4 and 1 year old is not in my repertoire.  BUT that is EXACTLY why we are here:  growth and excitement!  Ha!  Yes, so we left the kids in the car with the air on in our driveway and Tyler and I ran around the house collecting swim suits, towels, sunscreen, diapers, food and more food!  Anything and everything we could think of we threw it in the back of the suburban and we drove off in search of the Long Island sound.


We plugged the address to a beach “resort” down in New London, Connecticut and looked for the best route.  Now, I could keep writing about our “short-cut” drive through the center of Connecticut and how it was supposed to be much faster because it “looked like” a direct path to the coast and how it took over 2 hours to do so….BUT I’m not going to.  (Yes, over 2 hours.  It should have taken 1 hour and 15 mins.  The baby was pumped, let me tell you.)  We arrive to New London and it was like another New England dream.  It was definitely a beach town but once you got through “down town” the streets were lined with gorgeous Cape Cod and Dutch Colonial style homes with grand lawns and grander cars.  It was stunning.  I was trying to take pictures of this but it was a bit wild in our car by that point, rendering my brain useless for snapping photos.  But just take my word for it, it would be a gorgeous place to live!


The “beach resort”…well, the beach was “free” but we paid 20 bucks to park.  Sure, ok, someone has to pay for the amenities.  There was a pool and water slide after all!  We walk up to the boardwalk with all of our gear and look out on the ocean–beautiful!  The weather was much more bearable, in the low 80s with little humidity, and the the place was bustling with families and people…well, actually, it was packed.  Like crazy packed.  As we stopped looking at the view of the ocean and then down on the beach itself, I felt like I was in Europe.  When I went to Greece in college, the beaches were always packed with crazy amounts of bodies just right next to each other, fighting for a piece of sand to claim as their own.  Personal space?  What’s that?!  I’m pretty sure Tyler and I had our mouths ajar the entire time finding our way through the masses to get to the water.  We really didn’t know what was going on or what to do!


Ah, but the boys were PUMPED!  Oh man, they could hardly wait to take their shirts off to get into the ocean!  It was awesome.  They had soo much fun!  Last year it was like pulling teeth to get them into a pool, let alone the ocean.  It’s amazing what a year does.  But as soon as we saw the red plastic cup band of college students make their way to the water, we decided to go check out the amenities…


…the pool and the slide of course cost extra money.  It would have cost us $35 to go to the pool as a family.  So that was a no.  But we found a little kid water park area and had a ball.  The big boys were nothing but crazy and Dub had died and gone to heaven.  He never looked back once we set him down on the cement.  In fact, when ever I tried to sneak up on him and take a picture he would bolt in the other direction–he was so stinkin’ cute!  The kiddie area may have been ghetto in reality but our boys had a fantastic time :)


When 3:30 rolled around we had been outside for quite a long time and I was worried that Dub was going to turn into a lobster, so we headed on back to the gates to get some soft serve before we made the long, sticky, sandy journey back to The Woods.

Driving home, I was just beaming.  We had such an amazing day–t-ball and the shore and we were going to end it with a bang at Frankie’s Pizza.  We’ve made a lot of memories out here in New England, and they just keep coming!