Anyone out there as anal as I am and deep clean your house before you go on vacation or a trip?  Perhaps it was built in to me when I was young because there was nothing like walking in from the garage into our sweet, clean home from a long, hot, tiring drive.  I can vividly remember the way I found comfort in that smell.  And now that I have my own household, I realize that there will be no sweetness in the halls of our home without some serious cleaning and organizing. There is plenty of busyness that happens once you arrive home from a trip:  laundry, laundry, laundry.  Oh and laundry.  There is putting things away, scrubbing dirty little bodies, and ordering pizza–well, because as you try your hardest to get rid of all of your food before you leave, you have no food when you return.  I love to know with the madness of our return, we have a clean and tidy house (and clean sheets!) and one happy mama.


So, much cleaning & packing will ensue today and the boys can barely stand to wait another 30 hours before we fly out to P-town! It’s quite the juggling act when traveling with a 5 year old, a 4 year old and an almost 1 year old…let’s just say, at these moments of our parenting lives we wish we had leashes.  And perhaps helmets–for us.  Flying out of Bradley International Airport right outside of Hartford doesn’t give us a direct flight and we opted to drive an hour and half up to Boston for a non-stop ride into PDX.  There was much deliberation in coming to this decision, but we were not in the mood to have a 3 hour layover in Chicago or Atlanta with our traveling zoo. And this time we bought Dub his own seat.  Last time, well, was a nightmare.  So he gets his own personal space and we are going to strap him down in his carseat.  Yes my friends, a carseat: a legal device that allows you to buckle your children down in a chair for a period of supervised time. Bam.


Yesterday marked the first time since we moved to New England I didn’t wear slippers.  Freedom!  I actually prefer to wear something on my feet inside the home–better for the hips and back (yes, I sound old, but I’m broken), but I don’t have any flip-flops for inside yet and let me tell you, it felt wonderful to be without my fuzzy house shoes!  Besides the bedrooms, this house has hardwood throughout (and some tile), so it’s a must to have warm feet to keep from freezing in these harsh Connecticut winters.  It was 75 degrees yesterday–I had my striped tank maxi on and my white bare feet out in the open!  So thankful for this change of weather.  The day before I relaxed in the sun while the kids played in the yard…


It’s a wonderful experience to live in the woods. We have 17 windows in our downstairs alone and the view is just beautiful.  We can see the sunset from our in the living room!  The chorus of birds that greet us in the mornings energizes the body to get moving and enjoy the day.  And I love that they are all new bird sounds!  I’m not even going to pretend like I know what they are, but we seem to have the party lawn for a flock of Robins in the neighborhood.  We’ve got some good worms.  The bare trees that line our property are starting to bud red berries–I am excited to see what they turn into!


The boys exploring on an empty lot in our neighborhood.


Oh, that’s what those are for!

And just as we predicted, the second we found spring out here, we’d fly back home to the rain.  Yes, rain.  But who cares.  We are anxious to get back to family and friends!!! Here we come…