Yesterday we made the bold decision to give a an end date to our time out here in New England and declared we will move back to Portland before Christmas of this year!  Crazy.  With kids in private pre-school and Cody moving into Kindergarten next fall (!!!) re-enrollment time is upon us.  And now, being in the interesting position of not really knowing what 2014 holds for our family, decision making needs to be prayerful and precise–oh, and quick!  So Tyler was asked to give an actual end date for the boys at the school here, and he did:  the start of Christmas break will be their last day and we will continue their schooling in West Linn at the new year.  So weird to say it and know it for sure.  But very exciting!  Tyler’s job will be wrapping up and going through punch lists & certificate of occupancy stuff (stuff, as I am trying to sound so proficient in construction terms–I’m getting better :)) in December and if need be, he can stay out here for a couple of weeks to finish it up or fly out as need be, but as our family is concerned we will officially return to the Great Northwest and enjoy Christmas with family.  I don’t dare to be announcing forever and ever amen to this story line, as this family knows, our plans rarely have anything to do with much that actually happens.  The Lord is the only one knows what’s up next…

But if we are to move back, we are preparing as much as we can for what we think is in our future:  buying a home! It’s been a desire of my heart since we started growing this crazy family, and the real possibility to lay down roots in a home that we can make our own is on the horizon.  To be perfectly honest, I am giddy at the prospects!  The housing market in Portland is on a slow but a bit of an increase in price and most of what is for sale in our hopeful city is either a million dollars or built in the early 1990’s and need a little (or a lot) of work.  Seeing that Tyler does not own Howard S. Wright, neither have we won the lottery while out here in Connecticut, we will pick the latter option and renovate.  I CANNOT WAIT.

So let’s just indulge a little bit and go over some of my favorite design options I have been hoarding recently.  Just as with my clothing, my home decor style is simple and classic, with bits of rustic glamour, and of course whites, creams, blues and black.


Love the use of windows along the backside of the counters with the gorgeous casework–lots of light for all those gloomy Portland days.  Of course these are completely unrealistic as no house built West Linn in 1992 has windows like that but the overall idea of windows behind the sink rather than cupboards is what I’m going for. White inlayed cabinets and sleek modern hardware keep the kitchen from looking too country.  The marble counters are stunning but totally impractical, so no marble for us but I want to keep it white.  (But seriously, if we could afford it, I’d take a marble slab backsplash in heartbeat!!) A couple of glass front cabinets will open the space and keep it airy since our ceilings will not be 18 feet.  A farm sink?  Well, I’m not sure if it’ll be worth the cost but they sure are beautiful.


Bathrooms…so many options but this is a great example of elements I want:  the white and grey throwback floor tile, white and grey subway tile on the walls and shower, white furniture-style vanity with marble top and wall sconce.  I do however want to replace those small mirrors for one big gigantic one. Oh, but you can throw in that massive, beautiful chandelier too if you want.


I am totally diggin’ this easy, cheery informal dinning room.  Great colorful chairs, white table legs with what looks like a dark grey stone top, blue and white striped rug (I’m a total sucker for stripes–obviously.) and hits of fresh green. Now I’d replace that chandelier but I love this look.  Love it.

Dreamland, remember?!  But it’s so important to know what you like.  There are so many options–too many sometimes–and when make big decisions like remodeling the house you’re going to living in for the next 20 years, you have to able to narrow your style down and make decisive decisions. It’s waay too easy to be overwhelmed by all that is out there.  The more you become familiar with what you want, the more enjoyable the process is.  The same goes with clothes, you need inspiration and then you go find your look in your price rage!  Plus, I just like looking at this stuff :)

I could admit that I have already chosen my floors, hardware, door styles, windows, and light fixtures but that would be ridiculous so I won’t…

So!  The Ross family will be back in home in late December!  And better yet, we’ll be in town next Thursday to visit–so excited!!