…it’s been a while since my last post…let’s just be honest, it’s been a bit boring around here.  Nothing much to report.  WAIT!  My mama came to visit!  No, I didn’t forget–seriously–but if I was to write an entire post about my mom, well, I’d start crying, you’d start crying, my mom would start crying and it would be one big mushy cry fest I am not emotionally prepared for.  Because, let’s face it, I miss her and you all know that already.  So that’s my excuse.  Emotional instability and laziness.

So I’ll recap for you.  My mom’s visit was the usual:  talks about the Lord and our walk with Him, mornings on the couch with coffee while looking through house inspiration and clothing, special Starbucks goodies, a ridiculous amount of storybook reading to grandsons, shopping and of course a painful display of our limited brain resources that resulted in a lost car and 40 mins of wandering a massive parking structure wearing heals–shhhhh!  If you won’t tell, I certainly won’t.


My mom and I had the Saturday all to ourselves, and after much research and a couple app downloads we decided to forgo our dreamy train ride to Boston on St. Patrick’s Day weekend for shopping 20 mins outside the city–hey, it was really cold and we’re German/Norwegian, not Irish.  We’ll make it there, I promise.  But girls gotta shop!  With GPS in hand, we took the back roads through one of my favorite little villages in Connecticut called Stafford Springs as we headed up north to Massachusetts. It is an absolute passageway back through time.  We managed to sneak some shots out of my Suburban window as we rolled through the town…

IMG_4526 IMG_4527 IMG_4528 IMG_4529

The day was perfect.  My mom and I did some epic shopping and historic amounts of talking and could have done it all over again the next day. Though, we were extremely exhausted by the time we got home and devoured homemade pizza like we hadn’t eaten in weeks.  (We may have been extra tired due to misplacing a vehicle for 40 mins and wandering, but no one is admitting anything.) Needless to say, we had the most wonderful time while she was here.  And it was hard to see her go.  BUT in 2 weeks–2 weeks to this day–I’ll be back in lush, green, squishy and apparently sunny P-town!  What?  Sun?  I read it’s supposed to be in the mid-70s this weekend.  It’s like global warming is real–HA, just kidding!  That’s just my jealousy showing because it snowed a bit this morning.  You may say I am obsessed with the weather but when you have three boys in your house at all times outside is the promised land.  Full of glorious running and jumping and yelling and throwing and exploring and much, much tiredness and happiness all over crazy boy’s faces. Moms, you know.

Some polka dots from our shopping trip!

Some polka dots from our shopping trip!

I mentioned in one of my last posts loneliness has been knocking at my door each day and one of my steps toward freedom of such weightiness might be trying out a gym.  Well, I did and I joined.  Crazy cheap–too cheap to pass up with a great unlimited childcare program: only $30.  And like most women I go to the gym for the classes, and they offer a couple that focus on Pilates and Yoga and there is a class like Pump (if you’ve been to a 24 Fitness).  I had been going to a so-called Pilates studio twice a week at night and you can only imagine how lovely that was for our family–I rush to get dinner ready and done for the family before 5:00, Tyler opens the garage door, I throw Dub & his brothers at him and say, “Thank you, and may the odds ever be in your favor.”  Finding this gym was a great way to solve a bunch of discomforts in our household and as equally as important, stay up on Pilates.

…So a little background on the Pilates obsession…because I have one, but it’s for a healthy reason :)  I started Pilates last September, four months after I had Dub.  Some of you know I had severe pelvic issues while pregnant and have a history of chronic neck and back pain–SO my mom, who had been doing Pilates for a year, suggested that I try it for rehab.  By that time I had pretty much exhausted every possible medical doctor, procedure and medication on the planet for relief, so I thought, why not? I learned that the focus of Pilates is on pelvic and core strength–exactly what all of us mamas don’t have after we have babies–especially after multiple babies!  We hunch over, our abdominals no longer hold in our stomachs, and our pelvic floor is well, ruined (just think going to the bathroom…).  It also just happened to be the same areas that were causing me much pain.  After a week of 3 sessions, I could already feel a huge difference in my posture and stability.  My pain was greatly decreased and it was without medication or bed rest!  Hallelujah! I was an immediate believer in the power of Pilates–and as my mom and I like to say, I drank the juice and will sell it to anyone who will listen :)  It’s amazing.  By the time November rolled around I was pain free and a new woman.

If you are interested (and you should be!) make sure you go to a Stott Pilates certified trainer.  There are countless non-certified studios and instructors (a couple of them at my gym here) but if you don’t start with the real deal you will most likely hurt yourself and fail to see any visible results.  Which is a shame because, ladies, I have never had this much muscle definition and purposeful strength.  For any of you Pintrest lovers out there, almost any of those posts that include 10 Ways to Firm Your Post-Pregnancy Tummy or The Ultimate Leg and Butt Workout or 20 Moves That Will Give You That Summer Body (blah, blah, blah–ek!)–any of those, they are basically spin offs of the Pilates workout.  It works wonders and once you start you will never go back to any normal, average body strengthening workout again.

I was not paid for my unabashed endorsement of Stott Pilates but I could be.

Pilates love-fest over.  For now…


All that to say, I am enjoying my gym time and go almost every morning.  It’s just a nice reason to get out of the house and get a break.  Plus, I like to workout and always have–well, I’ve always liked to compete, but now since I’m waay too old to be on a team (and that’s ok :)), I compete with my self and that is fun too…weird?  Sorry…a little insight into Dani…

I should rap this puppy up…


Pilates Resources:

Ageless Body Conditioning Pilates Studio–this is the studio I went to in Lake Oswego, OR  amazing instructors!!  I miss them dearly!

Stott Pilates Official Website-tons of resources and DVDs

Club Sport–if you are a member at Club Sport they have some great instructors.  My mom goes there and I have been to the classes as well.  A great resource if you already pay the fees :)