The snow is really starting to swirl around out there!  Another Nor’easter has hit us and promises to bring a bunch of wind and around 8 inches of snow in the next 48 hours.  Apparently we are getting one more storm in before the beginning of spring.  The snow was almost completely melted from our lawn and bam! here we go again.  I don’t mind the snow, but my body is just aching for some warmth–and when I say warmth, I mean anything in the 40 degrees range would be great.  I see commercials for Atlantis and Pins of the Greek Isles and a surge of pure, fleshly jealousy and covetousness erupts out of my being and I black out, come to, and find my hand inches from purchasing a flight to the Bahamas.  Seriously.  That close.


We found a church!  It’s hard to find one in a foreign land, especially since we don’t believe in 80% of the church denominations around here.  As you could imagine, this greatly decreases the amount of possible candidates.  We tried one about 6 weeks ago and the experience was, well, awkward at best.  Eh, we never went back.  But sitting in front of our TV watching recorded church sermons really gets draining and then our 5 year old asks: “Mom, why didn’t we go to church today?”  So after being called out by our own son, last Sunday we started pumping ourselves up to try it again.  Here we go!  Here we go!  Couple jumping jacks here, a few chest bumps there–we were preparing for the 45 min worship service made up of 3 songs that run in and out of each other as a keyboard somberly plays in the background and a pastor that talks more about himself than the actual bible, when–praise God–angels from heaven descended and brought Tyler to the Calvary chapel website.  YES, there’s one in West Hartford!  Where’s West Hartford?  Oh–45 mins away.  Dear goodness. Good thing we did our exercises because 45 mins one way is quite the haul for the 5 of us.  BUT we thought nothing could be as uncomfortable as the last place, and if its an epic fail, we always could go to the mall…an adventure, remember?  Yes.  That’s right, we are on a year long adventure–here we go!


Ha! Well, we made it and loved it.  Thank goodness! The service is held at a school, with herds of young families and kids, and a pastor who teaches on the bible and through the bible.  We knew the instant we walked in that West Hartford high school that this is where we were supposed to be.  The Lord is so good.  We didn’t realize just how much we missed it.  Missed talking with others about the Lord.  Missed seeing other people excited to know God and worship Him.  Missed being of like minds.  We are totally considering helping with Easter…


Though I wish friends and family were automatically inserted into this church equation, they are not and I can feel a pushing to open up and not be the new kids on the block for long.  I hope it works :)  As you might have already assumed, the New England honeymoon has worn thin.  And strangely enough I have found myself locked into a mind-numbing Ground Hog day.  Same thing every day and every day the same thing.  Friends and family?  Yeah, we’ve got none of those here.  I might be a self-professed homebody, but I do enjoy social interaction during the day as do most human beings and at the moment that is non-existent besides the occasional “How do sharks get on land?” and “The baby pooped!”.  Yeah, all of us mums have this…BUT it’s just strange (almost maddening) when you finally leave the land of toddler isolation and branch out to the land of the living only to be thrusted back into cave dwelling.  People, I had just started to make friends in p-town–now nothing–eek!!!!!


Ok–no self pity. Just being honest.  And it was inevitable.  Of course it was going to hit me in a big way, especially since I’m a mom, a girl and well, alive.  It’s just what happens next that’s important.  I’ve been invited to a mom’s group on Tuesday with some of the mom’s from preschool…oh man…do I have to?  I’m thinking about joining a gym–perhaps getting out of the house and sweating might go a long way…anyone have a wedding or an event they want help with?  …that trip to the Bahamas is looking better and better as I type this…