We survived.

I realize there should have been at least one post this weekend about our blizzard survival but when it comes to my family visiting, I just don’t have time to be away.  I don’t want to be away!  It was a treat to host my mom & dad, and my sister and her kiddos.  And I didn’t understand how much I missed them until they came.  They arrived around 8:00 Thursday night and after enjoying some dreamy rosemary chicken lasagna and letting the reunited cousins get the wiggles out, we sat down and talked with a cup of tea.  Nothing had changed.  It was like we never even moved. It was just us–just hanging out like we always do.  I understand that moments like these are not the norm when it comes to most family dynamics, but I truly don’t know what we’d do if we didn’t have my family.  They are so much more than just mom and dad, more than just my sister and nieces and nephews, they are friends, supporters, encouragers; wonderful extensions of who I am and who my own family is.  We didn’t skip a beat.


Storm Nemo was quite the scene.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  Snow was coming down like sheets of rain (I love how my only way of describing it without a thesaurus is comparing it to rain–yes, I am from Portland, Oregon).  It was pouring down 3 inches of snow an hour at one point and you couldn’t see anything–I wanted to take pictures but it look like I was taking a shot of a white piece of paper.  Seriously.  Crazy!  We all went to bed praying we wouldn’t lose power.  I had images of all 10 of us huddled in my bed trying to stay warm…ummm…not a good image, so let’s stop thinking about it…but praise the Lord, we were spared the horrors of loss of electricity and we woke up the next morning in amazement:


The doors leading to our back deck–yes, that is the side of our couch BENEATH the top of the snow level.

We had three feet of snow–3 FEET in less than 24 hours!  Because of the 30-40 mph winds, the alcove on our deck had about 6 feet in it!!


And since we were all safe, it was a beautiful sight to behold.  (So very thankful we were safe!). The entire neighborhood was blanketed in white powder as though we lived on Timberline, 3 feet swirls of snow on top of the roofs that looked like frosting on gingerbread houses and our back lawn had the form of a wave frozen in time. Truly beautiful.  We found out that morning that Somers was one of the areas least disturbed.  Southern Connecticut and Providence were hit pretty hard, some with 40 inches of snow and no electicity.  We are so thankful our family was not in danger and we were able to snuggle up in our beds while the blizzard passed us by.


My nephew Kai :)

The rest of the weekend was spent inside playing endless amounts of Bananas (have you ever played the word game Bananas??  Do it!) and games of Uno, wearing pajamas, cooking & eating lots of comfort food, drinking gallons of hot coffee and watching The West Wing.  I don’t think the timing of my family’s visit could have been more perfect.  Blizzard Charlotte kept us nice and close with no agenda.  When you’re used to seeing each other at least 3 times a week and you drop that kind of habit cold turkey, excessive amounts of time is greatly needed :)


Did I mention comfort food? Yeah…this is the grease can from the 5 days…

Saying goodbye Tuesday afternoon was painful.  Once the door was closed and they set off down our street, the boys and I teared up and wished we could run after them.  Before they left Bradley asked my mom if she was going to come back after they dropped off Ashy and Karli…I know they don’t really understand what Connecticut is and they don’t really know that we can’t just drive over to their house anymore.  The boys ask to spend the night with Tyler’s mom, Mata, all the time.  But what warms my heart is:  they ask.  That they love their Mini & Papa and Mata & Papa, their Ashy and Uncle Zac; Karli, Cooper, Kai, Elizabeth and Isaac.  And though they will miss out this year, a year is not that long.  In fact, we’ll be back in Portland in April!  But it’s really hard to say goodbye.  With everyone gone, the boys and I turned from the mudroom and sat on the couch in shock–back to our new normal here.  Our quiet, big home out in the woods.


Best friends forever, Cody & Karli.

Today I am on the couch watching The Dick Van Dyke Show drinking Sleepytime Echinacea cold care tea while Dub is sleeping and the big boys are at school, trying to will myself into health.  Sick.  Yuck.  Why did I choose sleepytime for 10:30 in the morning??  I think my body is in mourning…