A perfect storm is brewing.  Yes it is, three events are unfolding to create one thrilling couple of days, the Ross family shall never forget it!

First: B’s birthday.  I cannot believe he is turning 4.  I know, I know.  Every mom, says at every birthday, the same thing, “I cannot believe they are so big!  So fast!”  But it’s true.  And each year you are still surprised it’s time already.  Time to start another year of their crazy life and time for them to continue to grow up and change and be formed into the little (or big) people they were created to be.  I love my dear, sweet, energetic, hilarious, determined second born and I am so very thankful I have been blessed to be his mama.  Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, a surprise army tent, Nerf war, special trip to McDonalds with Papa and homemade pizza are all on the docket for tomorrow.  He’s going to be so excited!


B helping me make his cupcakes for his school party.

Second:  Hello, my family is coming to town!!!  YES!  My mom, dad, sister, niece Karli and nephew Kai are all stuck in crazy Boston traffic trying to make it to our house here in Somers!!!I’m pretty sure we planned this trip before my family and I even left Portland, so it seems like we’ve been talking about this forever–and it’s finally upon us!  Oh I cannot believe how happy this makes me!  My mom and sister are my BEST friends.  My bestest of all best.  How blessed I am to call my mom and sister my closest of friends and how terribly hard it is to be so far from them.  I have been giddy with excitement all day.


Our little guest room side table set up for my parents.

Third:  Growing up in a city that has mastered the art of crying wolf when it comes to storms, I’m naturally inclined to be suspicious of local weatherman.  So when words like historic and epic are thrown around I am also inclinded to roll my eyes…well…that’s Oregon, and this is New England and apparently you don’t say historic if it doesn’t mean 2 feet of snow and hurricane force winds.  Oh.  And if you do not watch national weather then perhaps you have no idea what I am leading into:  the snow storm to end all snow storms, Blizzard Charlotte.  That’s right, I said blizzard.  No, I mean a real one.  Since I am unable to give you a proper scientific explanation of why this happens to be one of the worst Nor’easter to ever hit the New England coastline, I’ll just say this:  there is a cold storm coming from the Big Lakes that is about to collide with a swirling wet storm from the Gulf. It’s going to land directly on top of Boston but a big storm like this doesn’t just land in a city and call it good, no, the eye of this storm reaches out just enough to give us Somers-folk a run for our money (straight to the generator aisle) and dump 18-24 inches of snow in 36 hours and winds at 60 mph.  We are t-minus 18 hours till this monster storm hits us.  Oh dear.  At least we’ll have my family to keep us company…ha!


Since we’ll be housebound from about 11:00 am Friday till Sunday, a lot of what I thought I could get done tomorrow has been pushed to today.  My schedule, well, lets just say, me typing this blog post is the first time I’ve sat down all day.  Dub and I went to Costco at 10:00 am this morning (with half of northern Connecticut) and generators were selling out like hot cakes.  People had flat bed carts full of stuff–listen, these people are not messing around.  Two years ago they went without power for almost 2 weeks–WHAAT?!  After Costco we went to the grocery store where we met the other half of northern Connecticut. People were standing in line for the rotisserie chickens and buying 3-4 gallons of milk at a time.


The line to leave Costco at 10:30 am.

Us temperate rainforest types have no idea what is about to hit us.  But all of this is pretty darn exciting to me.  I love the idea of seeing 2-6 inches of snow falling an hour all blizzarding around my home for a couple days.  Yeah, ok, I can say this as long as we’ve got power.  We must have power…please, God, let us keep our power!


Tyler’s manly loot–our life saving loot.

Pray for us!