Anyone have a central vacuum system?  My childhood best friend Whitney, who lived across the street from me had one.  I always thought it was strange–carrying a large, awkward hose around with you to each room and that loud wall insert that scares the dogs–why don’t you just use a real vacuum? Let me tell you why:  because central vacs are awesome.  This place has one and I love it.  It’s light.  It’s durable.  It’s everywhere you need to go.  And it has a really long hose.  Oh, not to mention the suction power on this baby is unheard of. It attacked Dub the other day and he almost lost a limb.  (It attacked also means, I got a little cocky and lost control.  We’ve made amends.)

Central Vac System

I probably spend more time with that sucker than my children at this place.  Hours of cleaning, and 70% of that cleaning is in rooms or parts of rooms we don’t even use.  In a couple months I know I’m just going to bump against a dust bunny the size of Rhode Island in our formal dinning room or down the long guest corridor–I’m learning to be a little more meticulous.  I fear it’ll be like when you come across that one hair on your ankle that you had to have missed the last 6 months of shaving and now it’s about tie into your shoelaces?  Yeah, that’s the picture.

Dusting, moping, vacuuming, scrubbing; cooking, setting the tale, clearing the table, washing dishes; dressing, undressing, changing, driving and lots more driving…yes, this is the Downton life.   Don’t we all live it?  He he he :)


Oh and speaking of Downton Abby, did you guys watch it last night?  Oh my, I really didn’t see that one coming…SPOILER ALTERT if you aren’t caught up to season 3…when Lady Sybil died from toxemia/preeclampsia after she gave birth to her baby girl, I was so sad!  Being a woman, I’m reminded of my own crazy birth stories with my 3 boys.  Being a mom, I think about my own children dying not only unexpectedly early, but right in front of me.  And being a daughter, I think of my mom and the frightening event happening to her…oh dear, let me tell you I lost it for a little bit.  I’ve always been uneasy watching such a thing, but it’s only gotten harder since I’ve been a mama…so sad…I’m such a girl!!! Ha! Plus, she was the sweetest one of all of those crazy sisters…as Edith says, “Oh Mary… do you think we won’t get along a little better in the future.” And Mary basically says, no but let’s hug.  HA!

Free Bates!

Don’t we just love them :)