Tyler taking the boys to school today at 7:30 am.  Oh dear.

Tyler taking the boys to school today at 7:30 am. Oh dear.

This post could also be titled: 4 things I wish were a little more like the Northwest.  Or 4 things you would be surprised by in Connecticut. Or 4 things that are kinda funny about this place :)

1. Fences.  One of the very first things Tyler and I noticed when we made our trip out here after Thanksgiving was the lack of fencing around homes.  No fences.  Weird.  You can’t tell me they don’t have pets or children or enjoy the convenience of privacy.  So I’m wondering why they don’t have them.  We joke if we pass by a home with a fence that they are obvious transplants, but why hasn’t the trend caught on?  Kinda like how a lot of the houses don’t have attached garages–are you kidding me?!  The high today is 12 degrees–the HIGH.  So were talkin’ -1 degrees when you wake up in the morning to drive to work and -6 degrees at night when you’re pulling in.  Don’t tell me you wouldn’t give your left arm for an attached garage at this point. In fact I almost lost my left ear leaving my Pilates studio last night with a -10 degree windchill…they don’t have sidewalks either.  I guess their motto is: if George Washington didn’t need it, neither do we!

Our fenceless backyard.

Our fenceless backyard.


Dub is cold.

2.  Road etiquette.  There is none.  Well, I guess there is, it’s Connecticut etiquette, and it certainly subscribes to the idea that whatever works for you, it’s all good.  Some of which I do appreciate–no one follows you from inside your backseat with loving signs of middle finger talk when you are going the speed limit and they aren’t, they just go around you.  You don’t have to wait 10 hours when the lone ranger is trying to turn left onto some obscure driveway in the middle of rush hour (and believe me, there are a lot of obscure driveways), you just go around.  Many of these unwritten rules confuse me, with cars darting out in front of me and running lights and going 40 mph in a 25, but this Suburban is trying to learn!

3.  Coffee.  If I knew the owners of a Dutch Bros. coffee stand I swear I’d start a franchise out here…I would make millions!  Dunkin’ Donuts reigns king, but I think it’s only due to ignorance.  If my first sip of coffee was of the weak Dunkin’ I’m not sure I would ever spend the time wanting to know more about coffee choices.  But I can only dream of the coffee converts we would amass with a little Dutch or Coffee People–goodness sakes, could you imagine if they tasted Stumptown–mind explosion!  Melissa, tell Abe he’s expanding.


4.  Heat.  As I’ve shared, we live in a land time has left behind.  Some of our nation’s greatest history lives and (still) breathes here…but that also means oil heat.  Oh my word.  Oil.  That’s right, we use oil that is apparently heated and then it produces steam and then, literally creek-creek-bang-bang we’ve got heat coming from our ginormous baseboard radiators.  And heating oil is just a euphemism for the same oil you use in your car.  Totally cheap…right.  The Northwest is a gorgeous land full of natural resources we don’t even realize we use on a daily basis–and you don’t even have to be an organic to do it.  Dams, natural gas, moderate temperatures, and there we have some of cheapest and cost effective utilities in the nation.  Not out here in coal-ville.  I will not share with you the amount of coin we have to drop to keep this palace a balmy 66 degrees but just think second mortgage and you’re getting closer…

Radiator glory.

Radiator glory.